Race Stud Installation Guide:

Please ensure that this stud is correct for your application prior to installation, i.e thread pitch is correct. Test by screwing in by hand ONLY.

What you need:

5.5mm Hex Bit
Loctite 270/ 271 or 2700 (Red)

Torque settings:
Circa 25Nm (18.4ft-lb) - Stud to hub

Circa 120Nm-140Nm - Nut to stud


We strongly recommend that a professional with suitable experience fits these studs.

Remove the wheels and clean the threads in the hub with a wire brush and degreaser, i.e brake cleaner.

Ensure the threads on the studs are totally free from dirt and grease at this point as this can stop the loctite from working effectively.

Coat the threads on the short end of the stud with a thin covering of the loctite. Screw the short end of the stud into the hub by hand until you reach the shank and then torque to 20Nm using a 5.5mm hex bit.

Its recommended to allow 3hrs for loctite to dry before fitting wheels.


Put the vehicle back onto the floor and torque the wheel nuts to the studs with wheels fitted to your manufactures recommended setting. (Recheck the torque after 30mins of driving).

Over-tightening can stretch the stud beyond it’s yield point and will be permanently weakened. Replace the studs and nuts if they have been over-tightened or if the wheel has sustained any knock or damage of any kind.


If the studs are being used for Motorsport use we recommend they are replaced every season.



Removal of studs:

When removing studs do not use the hex as doing so may damage the stud. Thread two nuts on to a stud and lock them together. Then use a wrench on the nut closest to the hub to loosen and remove stud. You may need to apply some heat to the base of the stud if it does not shift. There is no need to get it glowing, no not apply too much heat.

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