Wheel Stud Race (kit) M14x1.25

Wheel Stud Race (kit) M14x1.25

APMotorsport Race studs. Race approved only.


Our stud kits are cold forged boron steel, heat tempered in the quality class 10.9.

This is the best class balancing strength with flexibility. Findings show that a higher class is much too brittle for racing purposes, thus allowing the studs to flex before failing. 


Complete kit includes

10x or 20x Black M14x1.25mm Studs

10x or 20x Black M14x1.25mm Nuts (Silver not available)


These studs screw in place of your original wheel bolts and make locating the wheel on the hub much easier and faster, great for quick pit stops!


Every single fastener is tested to ensure compliance with specifications.


Studs/nuts are also offered individually and should be replaced after every race season.

Competition Wheel Stud Kit Features:
- 10.9 Grade Strength Class for ultimate strength and safety
- Bullet Tip prevents cross-threading when fitting nuts
- Faster and easier wheel changes

- Black zinc coating for additional strength and corrosion/wear resistance


Installation instructions can be found HERE

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