Schrick Camshaft Set - E46 M3, MZ3, MZ4 (S54)

Schrick Camshaft Set - E46 M3, MZ3, MZ4 (S54)


Street performance cam, very similar to CSL cams in terms of power gain with stock-M3 like drivability.
-Installs like OEM with factory install tools.
-An ECU tune will further improve power gains and drivability (typically in the 14-20WHP range)


Must use new followers as a
: …OE followers are OK for 280/272 cams on street use.
-DLC followers are required for any sustained high RPM use, or cams can be damaged.

288/280 std lift
The most popular S54 cams for Performance and Race Engines -A “hot rod” street cam. Strong power gains in midrange and high RPM. Thanks to the S54s dual VANOS, these are also street useable, a slight bumpy idle during warm-up, settles down nice and smooth approaching engine operating temp.–Excellent Track and Race cam; very suitable for cars that need long engine life and great power.


New Schrick DLC followers must be used with this cam set.
[We highly recommend that these are accompanied by a ECU tune for proper operation].


Longer durations  & High Lift Grinds

Each higher duration and lift offers incrementally better power gains over the 288/280
-Suitable for race use, ideally used along with high compression pistons.  OE pistons will not have antiquate piston to valve clearance.
-To be used along with upgraded valve springs + retainers, read tech notes below.
-ECU tuning or programmable management required.


New Schrick DLC followers must be used with this cam set.
-288/280 high lift can use VANOS with custom pistons, for all others we recommend removing VANOS.


All upgraded S54 cams must be used along with new finger followers (rocker arms). If the car is to be raced regularly DLC is recommended for all cams. The 288/280 ‘high-lift’ cams must be used with high performance valve springs and retainers. VANOS must be eliminated with the high-lift 304/296 Race Cams.

This item fits the following BMWs:
2001-2006  E46 BMW M3  
2001-2002  Z3 BMW Z3 M Roadster, Z3 M Coupe 
2006-2008  E85 BMW Z4 M Roadster, Z4 M Coupe

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