Pro Alloy Intercooler Kit - Megane RS 250/265/275

Pro Alloy Intercooler Kit - Megane RS 250/265/275

Megane RS (Generation 3 -2008 onwards) RS250/265/275 and cup models.


As soon as the Megane RS was tested, it was obvious that this wasn’t going to be simply a case of fitting the largest intercooler, even in standard trim, there are significant issues with spiralling water temperatures which escalate as the boost rises through the gears and simply adding a front mounted intercooler would at best only deal with part of the Meganes issues….


So Pro-Alloy addressed the Megane in two ways..


1) Slim line front mounted ,high ambient air flow intercooler with a surface area 3 x of the OEM cooler, complete with air scoop and mounts for Auxillary Turbo cooler.


2) Auxillary turbo cooler which is fitted underneath the original water radiator, filling the space where the OEM intercooler was fitted.


The results are impressive.. The thinner cooler shows a 25% reduction in the recovery temperature between runs and an 18% reduction in the peak intake temperature.


Adding the Auxillary Turbo cooler shows a 7% decrease in water temperatures whilst cruising and most importantly a 5% reduction whilst on boost.


Fitting is simple with only very minimal cutting of the plastic trim to allow the fitment of our air scoop.

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