Megane 3 RS - SuperPro Anti Roll Bar Rear

Megane 3 RS - SuperPro Anti Roll Bar Rear

SKU: RC0022RZ-18

18mm Heavy Duty 2 Position Blade Adjustable Sway Bar


    These SuperPro anti roll bars are now available for the front and rear of the Megane 3 RS model range including the 250, 265 and 275 models. 


    The rear 18mm anti roll bar is fitted as an add on to the cars rear suspension as the rear does not feature a separate anti roll bar. Again a complete fitting kit is supplied with this kit. Once fitted the stiffness on the bar can be adjusted buy using the different holes in the rear fitting brackets.


    Once the kits are fitted you will notice less body roll and a very slightly firmer ride. Less body roll results in higher possible corner speeds and these bars are especially effective if you are planning on using your car on track. We know as we have this kit fitted to our 275 Trophy!



    Sway Bar Stabiliser Kit:

    1x Anti Roll bar

    2x Plates


    PN: RC0022RZ-18

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