BMW M4 GT4 Carbon Rear Wing - Rep

BMW M4 GT4 Carbon Rear Wing - Rep

Replica BMW F82 M4 GT4 Rear Wing - Carbon


Exact copy of the Genuine BMW F82 M4 GT4 piece. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standard in Carbon. 


This is a complete kit which comes with the following:


1x M4 GT4 Rear Wing - Matte Carbon (Item 1) 

2x Wing end plates, available in - Carbon or OEM M4 GT4 in black plastic (Item 2)

2x Wing Feet (Choose OEM M4 GT4 or RKP GTS) (Item 4)

2x Fixing blocks when you choose OEM M4 GT4 Feet (item 5)

2x Trunk lid grommets when you choose OEM M4 GT4 Feet (Item 6)


Optional - Wedge lip OEM M4 GT4 - (item 3) + £300


All fixings are included - 22pcs.



There are 2 versions of this wing.


The wing you will recieve is determined by the feet choice you select. Both wings are the exact same but the mounting on the wing bracket is different. 


Wing 1 - Fits ONLY OEM M4 GT4 Feet.

Wing 2- Fits OEM GTS feet, OEM M235i Racing feet, RKP GT4 & GTS feet.


    Wing Feet
    Wedge Lip
    Wing end plates
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