E36 M3 Carbon Airbox - Karbonius

E36 M3 Carbon Airbox - Karbonius

E36 M3 CSL Style Airbox made by Karbonius - S50B30/ S52B32 Engines.


These boxes are made from the finest quality Pre-preg carbon fibre 2 x 2 twill material which when completed makes these boxes ultra light and rigid.

After the moulding process is finished in the state of the art Aluminium mould the part is then left in the Autoclave and this process is the finishing touches to a truly superb piece.

Airbox of only 1,9 kg of weight made in EU, in 100 % carbon fibre prepreg and autoclave, which gets the best finished you can find on the market and a greater thermal and structural stability. With awesome appearance, varnish high gloss finish with UV protection, it’s probably the best carbon fibre airbox you could buy, and the only one made in 100% carbon prepreg and autoclave.
Thanks to its perfect fit, this airbox can be easily installed in the vehicle, providing it with an aspect of which feel proud.
S50 AIRBOX EV STYLE has been designed for improve the airflow . In combination with a remapping type Alpha N (not included), we have verified a power gain around 30CV, and a best throttle response, besides an incredible sound.


Kit includes:
• Airbox
• Rubber hose 12 mm inner Ø
• 6 silicone hose 60 Ø
• 12 inox clamps 50-70 Ø
• 2 inox clamps 20 Ø
• 6 adaptors with integrated flanges
• 12 allen screws M6x20
• Mpower stick
*Do not include air filter
• 100% carbon fibre prepreg
• Cured in autoclave
• Perfect fit
• Exclusive and numbered piece
• Amazing sound
• 2 years warranty
• HP Imcrease

• BMW M3 E36
• BMW M3 Z3
(S50B30 and S50B32 engines)


EASY: Not important changes necessary


The same as all our pieces, the S50 AIRBOX comes with 2 years guarantee against faults of manufacture.



The 'M Power' sticker is supplied with the Airbox.



Full carbon trumpets: This piece comes with 5 year warranty. Airbox is cured in autoclave at 135ºC and 5 BAR pressure and has 1 extra varnish coat applied.



Option 1

ITG Filter: Germany has claimed 2 BHP more with this filter, and it's preoiled and washable

OEM CSL: Genuine BMW M3 CSL Air filter. Manufactured by BMC - 13727838625



If you prefer your Karbonius Airbox to be manufctured in 1x1 carbon twill (instead of the standard 2x2 weave) then please message us after ordering. This is a FREE alternative. 


If you require additional parts such as air feed components for CSL Front Bumpers or Control Unit flap to be operational then please get in contact with us......

    PriceFrom £1,400.00
    Excluding VAT