BMW Motorsport E46 M3 Thermostat - 55C

BMW Motorsport E46 M3 Thermostat - 55C

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BMW E46 M3  - Motorsport Thermostat 55C


Designed for track/ race use to keep your engine cooler. 


The OEM thermostat can fluctute as it deisgned to open at just over 80 deg. So if water temperatures are below this, the stat will close.

The BMW Motorsport thermostat is designed to open at 55 degrees and once open in normal conditions it stays open, apart from during cold conditions.


Your water temps will run cooler if the stat is always open as opposed to fluctuating with the OEM stat.




1x BMW Motorsport Thermostat

1x BMW O- Ring - 64,77 X 2,62MM



11531417215/ 11531318402

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