BMW E46 M3 Euro/ CSL Exhaust Manifold Headers

BMW E46 M3 Euro/ CSL Exhaust Manifold Headers

Original BMW E46 M3 Euro/ CSL Headers. 


With no restriction the Euro headers will gain over 15hp from a stock US M3 (slightly less gain if using sport cats in section 1). 

There are a lot of different headers for the E46 M3 but many of them are cheap copies of the true Euro headers.


These are the genuine article without the quality issues and fitment nightmares of ultra-cheap imitations.

Since these are Genuine BMW parts they are a direct fit to your engine with the proper flanges and routing with no interference with the air pump or other accessories. These can re-use the original exhaust studs on the engine and factory gaskets.


New gaskets and hardware are highly recommended. Since these are straight off the Euro M3 they do not have the same port locations for the post-cat O2 sensors or EGT sensor. These can be added by your installer or run special software to run without them.


CSL Headers

11627833500 - Universal

11627833501 - LHD

11627833643- RHD


Euro Headers - 

11627830658 - Universal 

11627830659 - LHD 

11627830660 - RHD



    PriceFrom £950.00
    Excluding VAT