630cc Uprated Injectors

630cc Uprated Injectors

APM uprated injectors for Megane 2 RS/ Megane 3 RS/ Clio 2 RS.



These injectors are a requirement for applications in excess of 280 BHP in the Megane 2 RS models and over 320BHP in Megane 3 RS models. 

These can also be used for boosted Clio 2 RS applications over 300 BHP to ensure plenty of headroom for the injectors.


 Genuine, reliable Siemens Injectors
 Excellent response characteristics
 Robust Design
 High Impedance
 Low Impedance performance characteristics with High Impedance Compatibility

 Coil Resistance: 12.5 Ohms / High Impedance / High-Z (No ECM driver modifications required)
 Static Flow Rate @ 43.5PSI (300kPa) w/Gas: 60 lb/hr = 630 cc/min = 453 g/min
 Static Flow Rate @ 87PSI (600kPa) w/Gas: 85.7 lb/hr = 900 cc/min = 648 g/min
 Gain: 0.11ms/mg
 Offset: 0.055ms
 Turn on time @ 14VDC: 1.14ms
 Turn off time: 0.85ms @ 600KPa
 Connector: Minitimer EV1
 Series: DEKA 4 (DEKA IV)
 Orifice Type: Multi-orifice
 Spray Pattern: 30 Degree Spray Cone
 Factory fitted with Viton upper and lower o-rings 37.5mm end to end

Equivalent Part Numbers:
Siemens FI114962 or 107-962 ( 107962 )
Mototron INJ-GAS-002 ( S107)


PLEASE NOTE: These injectors will need to be mapped for each application, they cannot be fitted without mapping to suit. 

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