Renault Cam Timing Tool

Genuine Renault Timing Belt Tool Kit


Renault Cambelt tool kit comes with everything you need to correctly lock the cams, crank and the pulleys in position.

Many people believe they can do it without but most of these cars end up with poor timing, at best lacking power or worst with the valves hitting the pistons.


The Camshaft tool is also much stronger than the aftermarket ones.


1 x Renault OE Setting Rod - 0000105400   

1 x Renault OE Tool For Setting Camshaft - 0000149600   

1 x Renault OE Camshaft Sprocket Locking Tool - 7711381801   

1 x Renault OE Extra Long Cog + Spacers + Nut - 0000150901  

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