Megane III RS-R Carbon Front Splitter

Megane III RS-R Carbon Front Splitter

Megane Mk III RS-R APM Race Splitter with integrated brake cooling ducts. 



Constructed from full carbon fibre and a foam core, this transforms it into a superstructure offering far greater overall strength and durability when under extreme load.

As a result, it not only makes it extremely strong but as a consequence makes it exceptionally lightweight at only 3.9KG which is staggering considering its sheer size and make up. 


The project was introduced when we were approached by numerous teams to come up with a solution for constant reliable cooling to the front brakes and increased front end grip and unlike anything else on the market, this is a fully functional front splitter which is designed to improve just that, generated by increased downforce during motion and reduces lift which is found on most road cars fitted with a stock front bumper and factory under tray.


This RS-R front splitter also has built in air ducts which have been designed to direct air into the brake system to help keep the front brakes cooler during competition use.

During testing we had found great results which was relayed into far greater pedal feel, cooler caliper and brake disc temperatures as well as endurance and longevity of braking components. 


Air finds its way at the entrance of the ducts which are located on the airdam and channels through the 70mm diameter ducting where it’s then fed through the special aluminium adaptor assembly, focusing its entire volume into the uniquely designed air blades that get mounted to the back of the hubs which in turn forces more ‘cooler’ air to be drawn through the centre of the brake discs.


CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) has played a vital role in the development of this part which has given us a good understanding of what the piece is doing at both high and low speeds simulated from what is typically found when driving on circuit.


The splitter benefits from a completely flat floor with its extended bottom which is found directly under the engine compartment. This has many advantages over the factory cover mainly down to the flat design vs the stock plastic one that creates turbulence. 


It’s clever makeup allows you to use all existing pick up points from the factory chassis so no major modifications are necessary to install it which benefits you to also revert back to standard at a later date if needed. 


The trigonometry of the entire splitter and air ducts makes the design quite bespoke, maximising the overall performance. 



Whats included? (Approx 100pcs)


  • Carbon fibre front splitter with integrated carbon air ducts (Manufactured in Germany)
  • Neoprene 2pc hosing with high temp rating
  • Machined 7pc lightweight aluminium spacer bush set for suspended chassis fixing (Manufactured in UK)
  • Machined 4pc 304 stainless adjustable support rods & fixings with LH & RH threads (Manufactured in UK)
  • All hardware: bolts, washers, screws, fasteners, clamps and more...
  • Fitting instruction guide


OPTIONAL: Brake Cooling Adaptors 2pcs and Air blades 2pcs.

  • Fully fabricated aluminium hose hub adaptor set (Manufactured in UK)
  • Laser cut 2pc 304 stainless lightweight brake cooling air blade hub plates (Manufactured in UK)


Extensive simulation has been carried out over the entire build process which has taken nearly 18 months to complete.

Tests have been carried out on various UK & European circuits including the Nurburgring.

During this period we have made various changes to the prototypes, adapting and fine tuning where necessary which has all been passed on to the final production model. 

Although this has been predominantly built for competition use only, we have also tested over 10,000km of road driving throughout UK/ Europe without encountering any issues. 


(Fits both ph1 & ph2 Megane 3 RS)




The screen wash bottle will need to be removed or replaced with a smaller one and base bracket removed or trimmed. 

Must run minimum 12mm spacers on the front of factory 18"/19" rims. Aftermarket rims with an offset of ET53 or lower are ok. (for example 18x8.5 ET45/ 17x9 ET42). 

    Brake Cooling Package (4pcs)
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