F2*/ F3*/E8* - AP Racing Pro 5000 R CP9660

F2*/ F3*/E8* - AP Racing Pro 5000 R CP9660

AP Racing Pro 5000 R Front Brake Kit

Fits F20/F21/F22/F23/F30/ F32/F34/E81/E82/E87/E88 & E90|1|2 (non-M models)


Fits under 18 inch Competition Wheels.

To fit under OEM BMW wheels you need to use 355mm discs.


The noticable differences between the two calipers (CP9660/ CP9668) is 9660 allows an 18mm pad vs a 25mm pad in the 9668 variant where durabilty is required.

The 25mm pad option will not only last longer but also allow for much better heat displacement due to the additional material in the pad. 




Calipers (CP9660) holds 18mm pads.

AP discs 355 x 32mm Grooved, 362 x 32mm Grooved OR 378 x 36mm J-Hook

Brackets for calipers 

Mounting Bells

Disc/ Bell mounting kit

Braided hose kit



No pads included with the brake kit but we can offer anything from:








Get in contact with us if you require prcing for any other pad apart from the Pagid RS29.


    PriceFrom £2,795.00
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