BMW M235i/ M240i Racing Rear Wing

BMW M235i/ M240i Racing Rear Wing

Genuine BMW M235i Racing Carbon rear wing. Fully adjustable. You can retrofit this M235i Racing rear spoiler to your M2, M3 or M4.


This 21 piece kit includes the spoiler and mounting parts. It is complete and brand new from BMW Motorsport.


It has 3 positions to adjust the rake and downforce.


Option to include special Bootlid (Primed). This Bootlid is specially designed to attach the rear wing. It must be reinforced from the underside to properly support the downforce from this wing. This trunklid is ready to accept the hardware for the wing supports.


Optional: Bootlid 

Optional: M235i Racing or M240i Racing wing end plates.

M240i Racing are slightly larger (seen in 1st photo)




51488417322 x2  or 51488417359/ 51488417360 (2019 spec)



41008422038 x4 

11127730917 x4 

41008421771 x4

41008427217 x4

41628417227- Trunk


    PriceFrom £2,075.75
    Excluding VAT
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