ATS DTC Wheel Centre Caps

ATS DTC Wheel Centre Caps

Genuine ATS DTC Motorsport Centre Wheel Caps (Price per cap)


Carbon Fibre effect back with the ATS Motorsport logo in silver.


These are designed to fit all ATS DTC wheels, however some wheels with agresive offset cannot take a centre cap so please check with us if you have any doubts of fitting.


61mm fixing diameter. Fits ATS GTR and DTC wheels.



*Before ordering please measure the diameter of your centre hole as not all ATS DTC & GTR wheels are designed to take a centre cap so you could find the hole is much larger than the centre cap itself and therefore will not fit.

*When using on the race circuit you must remove the centre caps from the wheels because they can come off when heat is generated to the wheels.


Made in Germany

Price is per cap

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