Renault CAN CLIP Diagnostic Tool - V203

Renault CAN CLIP Diagnostic Tool - V203

2020 CAN CLIP for Renault - Full Chip (Identical to Genuine Renault Dealer Tools)


The best Clip on the market featuring CYPRESS Chips which offer the most stable & reliable performance out there


1 Years Warranty comes with the kit


Software Version: The latest software will be provided at the time of selling. i.e V203


Renault Can Clip Functions:

1. See all the information relating to the vehicle

2. Computer test

3. Automatic test of all computers

4. Airbag test

5. Vantool (OBD tests)

6. Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)

7. Physical measurements

8. Antipollution

9. Multimeter Clip’s main manual allows you to see all the information relating to the vehicle.


Works with Renault models from 1996-2016


System requirement:

*Windows 7/8/10 (32 bit) or Windows XP (32bit) and java required.

*CAN CLIP does not work on 64 bit computers or HOME edition versions (due to driver issues). It must be a 32 bit processor. 

*If you have a 64 Bit computer then it can be run through Virtual Machine.

*If running Windows XP the latest software that will work is 172 which we can supply alternatively. 

*Windows Ultimate version can encounter problems with CLIP with drivers so it is recommended to use the Professional edition. 


Please tell us which OS you use after ordering and we will supply software/ firmware to your needs.



Package contents:

• CAN Clip Interface Unit

• 2 Cables for CAN Clip > Car connection

• 1 Cable for CAN Clip > PC connection

• 1 Software disc (will provide latest software at time of sale)

• 1 Reprog disc (firmware files to program ECU from Renault vehicles)

• Installation Instruction on CD 


The unit can often come without the small port on the board. If you are an authorized dealer and you need power for the Clip - not via OBD (in the car) but on the desk. Then Can Clip can be connected directly to the battery with this port.

Fortunately, after the introduction of the OBD 16 standard, nobody uses it now - which is why the port will often not be added on the later models.


Support Multi-Language: English, German, Denish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish.



It’s very simple to diagnose a vehicle using Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface: just select the vehicle make, enter the V.I.N. and press ENTER.

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