BMW M4 GT4 Rear Wing

Genuine BMW Motorsport M4 GT4 Rear Wing Full Kit


This is a complete kit which comes with the following:


1x Rear Wing (Item 1)

2x Wing end plates (Item 2)

1x Wing wedge lip (Item 3)

2x holder (item 4)

1x Adaptor Left (Item 5)

1x Adaptor Right (Item 5)

2x Grommet (Item 6)

4x Oval head screw black (Item 7)

4x Oval head screw black (Item 8)

4x Nuts (Item 9)

4x Head screw (item 10)

4x Head screw (item 11)

    £4,055.00 Regular Price
    £3,852.25Sale Price
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