Ferodo DS1.11 Front Pads - Clio 3 RS/ Megane 2 RS FCP1667W

Ferodo DS1.11 Front Pads - Clio 3 RS/ Megane 2 RS FCP1667W

DS1.11 Compound - FCP1667W


As used on the Cup Racer as standard, OK for Michelin Cup Series.


Several brake pads on the market boast 'ceramic' technology. DS1.11 is the real thing. It is based upon a chemical family known as Siloxanes. Unlike carbon based materials, siloxane chains do not decompose at high temperatures and so DS1.11 keeps on working up to the highest temperatures a brake pad could ever see. That means it won't fade and has excellent life, the best in the Ferodo Racing range. 

Moreover the performance remains exactly the same throughout the pad's (long) life. 

It is formulated to provide a very flat friction profile at a medium/high level of friction. The pad compression is very low, always, and so pedal travel is short and consistent. 

The main characteristics of DS1.11 are: 

Heavy duty endurance material 

Applications - touring car, GT, single seat 

Average friction coefficient 0.46 over working temperature range of 200-700degC 
Long life 
Very kind to discs 

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