CL Front Pads - RC8/ RC8R - OEM Caliper (4033)

CL Front Pads - RC8/ RC8R - OEM Caliper (4033)

Carbone Lorraine Pad shape 4033 - Front


BMW E46 M3/ CSL 3.2 Front pads to fit OEM ATE Calipers


CL Brakes RC8 has the highest friction level in the CL Brakes range.(μ=0.6). The RC8 compound is used in top level motorsport such as WTCC, WRC and NASCAR. The -R version is a grooved pad to give extra cooling to the braking system.


RC8-R Compound: Uses the same friction compound as RC8 but features a grooved backing plate which is designed to provide a radiator effect the contact area with the calliper is reduced providing better heat transfer. This patented shape is particularly useful in cases of brake fluid temperature issues. Should only be used when vehicle has ventilated brake systems (air ducts).

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