BMW M2/ M3/ F82 M4 - Oil Cooler

BMW M2/ M3/ F82 M4 - Oil Cooler

Whether you are on the road or pushing hard on a track, maintaining the ideal oil temperature increases the power and efficiency of your performance engine.


We include everything you need in this universal oil cooler kit to make sure your oil stays at the correct temperature.


The oil filter sandwich plate has a reliable built-in thermostat that prevents flow to the cooler until the oil temperature reaches 80°C or 92°C. This allows the oil to reach operating temperature quicker and gives extra protection in cold weather.



Included in the kit:


1x HEL Oil Cooler - Mocal/ HEL (includes adapters to run hoses from the oil cooler to the sandwich plate)

1x Mocal Thermostatic Sandwich Plate (includes adapters to run hoses from the sandwich plate to the oil cooler)


2x HEL Performance Anodised Black Aluminium Mounting Brackets (includes mounting hardware)

2x HEL Performance Braided Hose

2x HEL Performance Straight Reusable Hose Fittings

2x HEL Performance 80/92 Degree Reusable Hose Fittings


Optional upgrade of £30 if you wish for a black Setrab radiator, contact us if required. 


When ordering please add in the notes what make & model of car you have so we can check before sending the kit out. 



Oil Cooler Specifications:

Row Matrix Length Width Height
13 Row 235mm 330mm 50mm 99mm
16 Row 235mm 330mm 50mm 122mm
19 Row 235mm 330mm 50mm 146mm
25 Row 235mm 330mm 50mm 193mm


    PriceFrom £364.75
    Excluding VAT
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